Repeater at Signal Botrange

Locator - JO30bm MAP
 50° 30'7.51"N / 6° 5'34.22"O  718m ASL

ON0TB = (Top of BeNeLux) = Höchster Punkt in der BeNeLux

For this moment NO CTCSS or Tone, near future  only trough CTCSS 131,8 Hz

23/10/2009: request to IBPT to operate a unmanned station called ON0TB

24/12/2009: IBPT License for an unmanned station at Signal de Botrange

16/01/2010: repeater installation under bad weather conditions (see pictures) Freq 438.975. First test . PWR break down 2300 till ????

17/01/2010: due to interferences with other stations Freq change to 439.012,50

01/02/2010: request to IBPT Freq change to 439.012,5

06/02/2010: some replacement in H/W (TX/RX and antenna)

04/03/2010: change back to original antenna and change position of the antenna

28/04/2010: installation of APRS receiver 144.800 and link to INet.

26/07/2010: Change to ProComm antenna and startup APRS RCVR.

Sept 2010: Change to X50 Antenna (2m/70cm)

December 2013: ON0DG integrated and renamed ON0TB

Feb 2015: Added Equipment Repeater on 2m - 23cm Repeater - Beacon 23 cm - Beacon 6cm and Beacon 13cm (details technical part)
                Power Backup for 2m and 23cm repeater.