Repeater at Signal Botrange

Locator - JO30bm MAP
 50° 30'7.51"N / 6° 5'34.22"O  718m ASL

ON0TB = (Top of BeNeLux) = Höchster Punkt in der BeNeLux




  • 2 METER ON0TB VHF repeater 145,6375 MHz  SHIFT -0.6MHz  131,8 CTCSS decoding/re-encoding·        
  • 70 CM DIGITAL ON0TB UHF repeater 438.275 MHz SHIFT -7.6MHz D-Star All modes
  • 70 CM FM ANALOG ON0TB UHF repeater 439,0125 MHz SHIFT -7.6MHz NO TONES
  • 23 CM  FM ANALOG ON0TB SHF repeater 1298,675 MHz SHIFT -28MHz NO TONES:
  • ·
  • ON0TB 23 cm beacon 1296,950 MHz: not yet operational, sponsor wanted for DB6NT beacon.
  • ON0TB 13 cm beacon 2320,900 MHz:
  • ·        
  • ON0TB 6 cm beacon 5760,900 MHz:
  1. ·       

I like to inform all the visitors that ON0TB on 70 and 23 cm can be opened without any tone.  The 2 meter repeater however needs CTCSS 131,8 Hz.  Just punch your mike and talk, no waiting needed...

 We ask all OM's to respect the international rules of HAM policy and to act as a gentleman (woman) in communication traffic. If any non regular communications occurs please inform the SysOps at info@on0tb.be

Enjoy your stay with us.
ON6GPS Jacques


We (ON7WP-ON6GPS-ON8BV) like to inform our visitors that ON0TB is a project that is launched and sponsored completely outside the RBO organization. Both SysOps, ON6GPS and ON8BV, are members of UBA. ON7WP, Pedro is an association independent HAM that likes to encourage radio contacts between the different language communities by sponsoring high performance large area repeater systems at elevated locations.

Main goal was to connect the south of the Deutschspachige Gemeinschaft with the northern part of it. The additional appearance for coverage of big parts of Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg and northern part of France is highly appreciated. Please all comments and or rapports to contact addressees. (info@on0tb.be)


Signed Pol(ON8BV); Pedro (ON7WP) and Jacques (ON6GPS)



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